Poetry NFT 3PartArt

About The Author

10 Years of professional corporate finance experience
Been writing rap lyrics and performing acapella since middle school
Has a portfolio of over 90 poems for future poetry NFT collections
Poetry NFT 3PartArt
Previous project management experience for a large hedge fund
Met Snoop Dogg and rapped an original acapella for him
Been dog sledding on top of a glacier in Alaska
Experienced in investing: stocks, crypto, NFTs, etc.
Enjoys exploring cutting edge technology to break boundaries
How we work

Our Goal

We hope to bring joy to our community and to create truly unique 1 of 1 collectibles. We have all heard “a picture is worth a thousand words” but come explore how a few beautiful words can be worth many pictures. Poetry is supreme, poetry is words woven into magic for the soul. We will use the language of poetry to drive AI to create unique works of art. We hope to not only bring attention to AI art but also to the power of poetry and language.


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